Financial IT Capital Group is a team of professionals that provide products and innovative financial services specializing in national and international trade. IT Capital is committed every day to stay one step ahead of the financial industry and at the same pace with the needs of your target market than in this case so SMEs based in Mexico national and foreign or foreign companies doing business in the country.


Projection to the future and clear vision of long term business, the history of IT Capital have strengthened the combination of experience, strength and transparency ratify commitment to continue moving forward, making the changes needed to adapt its structure so that it will conform to the proposed strategy, in order to focus on the business of specialized niche markets.


Its growth and institutional development are based on strategies for efficiency in the administration of assets, maximizing the quality of credit assets and investment, taking care the relationship rendimiento-riesgo through safe, conservative and agile guidelines that allow a maximum return to its shareholders, but mainly to answer b customer confidence.


Accordingly, it seeks greater efficiency in business and the management of finances, ability to control or modify the plans and resources financial, stability and strength, resulting from continuing with the tradition of becoming a well established financial group, with inheritance of such strength, and recognition both specialized customers, and competition of financial wisdom and experience in the structuring of products that meet the requirement of clients sophisticated.



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