Corporate Advisor

Our main objective is to provide timely, personalized and with the best quality legal services to fully meet the needs of our customers.


In this area we offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of corporate law.


In the development of this service we provide legal counsel for compliance and correct application of the various obligations imposed by the legal provisions in force to Mexican companies in corporate legal matters (General Law of mercantile societies, commercial code, Civil Code and other legal systems, similar to the type of legal person, as well as the type of operations carried out) to achieve a reliable support in the business.


Some of the services offered by this area are: design invitations, minutes of meetings, Council meetings, statutes of civil societies, corporations and associations; mergers, demergers, transformation, dissolutions and liquidations; securities, trusts, powers, foreign investment, trademarks and patents; commercial, civil, labor, contracts among others...


Purpose of the service

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