Domestic and Intenacional Factoring

Purpose of the service

Factoring for national or foreign customers.


It is a mechanism for financing of short term for companies operating under contract with private companies (legal entities) in Mexico and abroad (see our destinations) and Government of the three levels ahead of its accounts receivable when its sales made them on credit to prevent loss of liquidity by selling to credit customers a 30, 60, 90 to 120 days You can charge you the customer and pay us (associate collection) or let us charge for you (direct collection).


Factoring domestic or foreign suppliers.


It is a mechanism for advance pay their accounts payable with your provider when you receive their credit to increase its rating of payment, avoid delays or temporary suspension of supply by untimely payments allowing them to pay on time to your provider and getting time to pay us your grocery bills.


That segment includes: all including specialized activities.


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